Frederick is in South America. He has worked for AP, the BBC, CNN, The New York Times, the Guardian, Al Jazeera, VICE and others, recently reporting from Brazil, Uruguay and Antarctica.


Blessed With Good Taste

From starting out as a loosely-organised acoustic jazz tribute act, The Blessing have moved on to develop a unique sound which matches their exotic culinary preferences. Frederick Bernas met two members of the Bohemian Bristol-based group. Easton is a part of Bristol with a notoriously interesting reputation, so naturally I was eager to step out...

Eduardo Niebla – St George’s, 25/11/06

St George’s Hall off Park Street, which boasts of being one of the finest acoustic venues in the country, was host to a creative exploration of musical possibilities from a trio comprising two guitars and an Indian tabla player. Eduardo Niebla, whose show title brings to mind a completely contrasting guitar legend – Hendrix –...

World Youth Congress Big Brother

A short video I produced with a friend at the World Youth Congress, August 2005.