Frederick is in Europe. He has worked for AP, the BBC, CNN, The New York Times, the Guardian, Al Jazeera, VICE and others, recently reporting from Argentina, Brazil and Antarctica.

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Antibalas / The Budos Band – Jazz Cafe, 19/4/08

A perfect warm-up for what was to come, The Budos Band took to the stage with well-synchronised, driving compositions and sharp melodies, matching the flawless studio sound of their two releases on Daptone Records. Definitely worth a headline slot in future, it surely will not be long before this materialises. The 11-man force that is...

Afrobeat: Tony Allen and Antibalas – Jazz Cafe

Within the space of one month, London’s Jazz Cafe plays host for two singular names in the Afrobeat genre: representing the old guard is Tony Allen, one of the foremost figures in the music’s inception. Representing the new generation is the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, a wild collection of New Yorkers with its own niche on...